What Is YooYoo?

YOOYOO KIDS is a learning mobile app designed for curious kids in age group of 2 to 5 years. YOOYOO KIDS app has an amazing collection of ANIMATED VIDEOS WITH EXCITING COMMENTARY. Get your kids hooked up to content and enable them to learn faster. YOOYOO KIDS app comes with huge collection of WORKSHEETS which can be used by your kids to practice after learning from animated videos. It will help your kid to relate and retain the learning he/she grabbed while watching those animated videos.And yes we have GAMES too… These are fun interactive games, again helping your kids to apply their learning while having fun. YOOYOO KIDS app is a complete package to groom your kids in a perfect way.

What are the Benefits?

Kids falling under the age group from 2- 5 years are targeted for the learning
  • Kids love to play, therefore we made learning part of play.
  • Kids love to watch videos & here each animated video will teach them something.
  • Full set of worksheets for kids to practice and learn.
  • All worksheets are available in pdf forms and can be easily printed.
  • Interactive games keep learning fun and an ongoing process.
  • Interactive platforms to keep the kid engaged.
  • Our interface is so user friendly for kids to use.
  • All content is in the form of animated videos with exciting commentary.
  • Age wise segregation of videos for best learning experience.
  • Each content can be downloaded and played offline too.

How YooYoo Kids works ?

Kids falling under the age group from 2- 5 years are targeted for the learning


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YOOYOO KIDS is a learning mobile app comprising of amazing videos, practice worksheets and
fun interactive games for the kids falling under 2 to 5 years age group.

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