About us

About Us engages each child.

The internet is slowly taking over the play and after-school time of the children.

  The busy parents are unable to regulate and manage the play,learning, TV, and internet times of their children.

  From the very start, YooYoo Kids is determined to convert the unproductive internet usage into productive,fun-filled learning experience.

  Child behaviour experts, designers, teachers hopped on and we came up with a series of fun-filled, productive worksheets to help kids to learn in an effective way.

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YooYoo Kids envision to become a pioneer in the field of online fun-based, creative education bringing in quality, research-based content to assist the kids in developing constructively.
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To become a pioneer, we will continue our research in the fields of toddler and young kids education with the same zeal to improve the quality of our content.
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